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Accreditation for a sustainable future

Ensure brand credibility through consumer-oriented sustainability accreditation. Third-party validation sparks consumer trust and helps brands minimise the risks associated with making green claims. Put your brand and products through proof-backed assessment and join a community of leading purpose-led brands that showcase their contribution towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A new model for accreditation


We put the consumer first, so you can do the same. We help you talk to conscientious consumers.

Informed shopping

Not just another certificate. Your functional accreditation is designed to enable informed shopping decisions.

Value driven

Turn positive impact into strong brand reputation and stakeholder engagement.

The bigger picture

Measure, communicate and progress your sustainability strategy all through one solution.

The framework

Measure what matters most. Developed with leading authorities in sustainability, ESG and CSR, the ethy framework comprises over 30 trust marks in six core categories. Each trust mark comes with a transparent set of standards.

The assessment questionnaire is robust but achievable. Supporting documentation means claims are backed up with hard evidence – this is central to the integrity of ethy accreditation and key to reassuring consumers that your brand is taking sustainability seriously.

Going through ethy's accreditation process also demonstrates that a brand is playing an active role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The framework

Developed in partnership with industry leaders

Edinburgh InnovationsCarbon Neutral BritainWWFAssociation of Sustainability PractitionersEfecaSocial Enterprise UK

The six paths of ethy accreditation

Sustainability is a journey. The six paths of ethy's framework are the routes of progression along this journey to face the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time. The paths offer the widest opportunities for brands to have a positive impact on people, planet and animals.

Stable Climate

To maintain a habitable planet for humankind, we must halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030, achieve net-zero emissions before 2050 and halt global temperature rise to 1.5°C. To achieve this, every company must act to measure, track and reduce emissions.

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Clean Planet

Poor waste management and the use of virgin plastic contributes to climate change and pollution, directly impacting ecosystems and species. Our planet needs cleaning, and companies can contribute by turning off the plastic tap and reducing waste.

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Responsible Resource Usage and Production

Sustainable management of resources across both production and consumption helps to minimise the use of natural resources and in turn lower emissions.

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Healthy People

Accounting for the health and wellbeing of consumers is a key part of being a socially-responsible company. By providing products or services that support a healthy lifestyle, companies can contribute towards public health as a whole.

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Thriving Communities

Companies have the power to better communities. Actions can range from championing equality and promoting wellbeing of their people to engaging with the community to deliver wider social and/or environmental value.

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Protecting Biodiversity and Animal Welfare

Animal welfare and biodiversity are inextricably linked with ethical, environmental and social issues. This section of the assessment focuses on companies' approach to animals and their wellbeing, as well as impact on wider biodiversity.

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Sustainability achievements become trust marks

Each of the six paths encounters a number of different sustainability goals, which are represented by the following ethy trust marks.

Committed to 1.5°CEnergy EfficientPowered by RenewablesCarbon OffsetsCarbon Neutral

Your sustainability profile in one picture

Our hexagonal trust marks are designed to fit together to form an Impact Hive, a brand's personalised sustainability profile in just one picture. Like a beehive, trust marks work together to build a stronger path towards a sustainable future.
Your sustainability profile in one picture

Supporting you through the journey

ethy offers a comprehensive digital dashboard to submit the assessment questionnaire and upload supporting evidence. By becoming accredited you also get access to ethy's communication toolkit, promotional activities and training.

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Supporting you through the journey

Communicate your brand's sustainability credentials, credibly

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