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Fights Food Waste

The brand currently operates one or more initiatives intended to prevent food from going to waste or to reduce the amount of surplus food produced. Food waste can occur anywhere throughout the entire supply chain.

  • The brand must engage in one or more processes that help prevent food waste, either in its product, supply chain, method of production or both.
  • Products that are designed or made to prevent food waste are eligible. This includes innovative solutions such as engineering product packaging to prolong the life of food or alike.
  • Companies that facilitate or engage in food redistribution initiatives on an ongoing basis are eligible.
  • The food waste prevention initiative must be in practice at the time of application and also operative on an ongoing basis (min. 13 months from date of accreditation application) or whilst the product designed to prevent food waste is on sale.
  • The company must not send surplus food and food waste to landfill.
  • Composting surplus food waste as the main initiative or process is not eligible for a ‘Fights Food Waste’ trust mark.
Accepted Proof
  • A description of the main initiative and other initiative(s), a breakdown of how the brand prevents food from being wasted.
  • Data on the amount of waste diverted from landfill on a monthly or annual basis as a result of the initiative.
  • Proof of implementation.
Sustainable Development Goals

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Does your brand take sustainability seriously?