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Our partners

The Global Goals can only be met if we work together. ethy would not be the same without the help of these organisations.

  • Association of Sustainability Practitioners

    Association of Sustainability Practitioners

    As fervent proponents of the environment and the preservation of nature, ethy and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) have partnered to enable further progress in the interest of sustainability. We are currently at the beginning of our collaborative journey with ASP, but we intend to work together on various projects that inspire meaningful discourse and drive tangible outcomes. Keep an eye on our social media and newsletters to find out more about what we’re working on.

  • Refill


    We've teamed up with Refill & City to Sea to help promote plastic-free shopping. Refill are on a mission to create a world where everyone can choose to reuse wherever they eat, drink and shop. Their free Refill app has had a truly monumental impact, with more than 30,000 places offering free drinking water globally, over 300,000 app downloads and 100 million pieces of plastic avoided to date. Refill have made plastic-free shopping easy and accessible to the masses.

  • Thriftscape


    The world of fashion continues to take a serious toll on the planet. In particular the excessive waste that it produces; in the UK over 10,000 items of clothing are being sent to landfill every five minutes, equivalent to £140 million in value every year.

  • Token


    ethy's Informed Shopping feature allows you to securely connect your bank account and see ethical insights on the businesses you spend with. We using Open Banking technology to connect with your bank account in a safe and regulated way to enable this to work.


ethy would not be the same without the help of these organisations.

  • Leaping Bunny

    Leaping Bunny

    At ethy, we believe cruelty-free should be be the norm rather than the exception. We use our platform to promote cruelty-free brands that ensure their products, ingredients or components have not been tested on animals.

  • Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA)

    Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA)

    The hospitality industry is widely considered to be one of the most taxing industries on the environment. Excessive food waste, plastic pollution and carbon emissions are all heavily linked to food hospitality.

  • Fairtrade Foundation

    Fairtrade Foundation

    At ethy, we believe that every businesses has a responsibility to not only preserve the natural world, but also ensure their workforce is treated in a fair and dignified way. Understanding what measures organisations take to ensure better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade workers is often ambiguous and hard to verify. Hence, we use impartial third party certifications such as the Fairtrade Foundation to confirm a companies claims to operate in line with fair trade principles.

  • Living Wage Foundation

    Living Wage Foundation

    The real Living Wage is a wage rate based on what people need to live and meet everyday needs - like the weekly shop, or a surprise trip to the dentist. Thanks to the Living Wage Foundation the real Living Wage is now voluntarily paid by over 7,000 UK employers, including large corporations such as Nationwide, Google, Brewdog and Everton FC. As a result, over 250,000 employees have received a pay increase allowing them to meet the real cost of living.

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