Business solutions for recycling food waste into compost.

Ridan is a forward-thinking, innovative company dedicated to designing and constructing solutions for recycling food waste into valuable compost. With a mission to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable practices, Ridan has become a leading name in the food waste recycling industry.

Our partnership with Ridan is driven by a shared commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable waste management. Together, we aim to transform the way businesses handle food waste by promoting on-site composting solutions.

Ridan plays a central role in ethy's ecosystem of sustainability partners, by supporting brands in reaching our standard for On-Site Composting. Their composting systems, such as the Ridan Pro System for businesses, can enable your business to efficiently convert up to 10 tonnes of food waste per year into nutrient-rich compost. By implementing Ridan's solutions, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, minimise landfill waste, and create a cleaner environment.