Association of Sustainability Practitioners

Association of Sustainability Practitioners

As fervent proponents of the environment and the preservation of nature, ethy and the Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) have partnered to enable further progress in the interest of sustainability. We are currently at the beginning of our collaborative journey with ASP, but we intend to work together on various projects that inspire meaningful discourse and drive tangible outcomes. Keep an eye on our social media and newsletters to find out more about what we’re working on.

The ASP were set up to facilitate the transition from unsustainable to sustainable practices. They provide members a space to connect with mission-driven organisations, gain support for their endeavours from the sustainability community and be challenged through provocative discussion.

ASP organises intergenerational forums, for people of all ages who care about creating a sustainable future, to meet and share their work, ideas, passions, experiences and concerns. Everyone's voice is heard.

ASP's aim is to create collaborative actions with tangible outcomes, or simply to share knowledge. They aim to inspire and empower younger generations to act: knowing what is already being done positively; knowing what they can do and where they can go to learn to be more sustainable, that enables them to live in ways that are better for the environment and society.

Ultimately, ASP believe that by working together and supporting one another, we can make the greatest positive impact for our world and its people.

To join the ASP community and become a member see here.