Scrapp is a purpose-led platform on a mission to reduce global waste - by helping people to recycle correctly and offers a variety of unique solutions for brands.

ethy worked with Scrapp to create the criteria for our Clean Planet standards

Scrapp provides product and location-specific recycling guidance all via a barcode scan. They surveyed over 27,000 municipalities globally to provide the most accurate data possible. This is on display via the free mobile app “Scrapp” and at Scrapp’s separation stations throughout businesses globally.

Scrapp also provides insights to brands so they can understand how recyclable their products and packaging really are. Scrapp operates as a software platform mixed with a consultancy to provide not only the tools but the expertise to help brands and communities reach their sustainability goals.

Developing ethy’s Clean Planet standards:

Scrapp and ethy work together on ethy’s Clean Planet standards around packaging from compostable to curbside recyclable criteria. When your brand signs up with ethy and it comes time for your packaging certifications you can participate in Scrapp’s brand-verified program for free.

In 2022-2023 ethy worked with Scrapp over several months and through various workshops, and information sharing to gain a thorough understanding of the global recycling system.

Our objectives were to:

  • Understand the problems and opportunities within the recycling industry.
  • Define the difference and impact between different packaging configurations.
  • Identify the most reliable organisations for proof-backed evidence from the ground that allow businesses to source sustainable packaging for their unique needs.
  • Develop a deep understanding of what businesses and consumers need from ethy and Scrapp to help support the objective of creating a more sustainable future in relation to the recycling and packaging space.
  • Develop a standard and criteria for ethy’s sustainable packaging ecolabels.