Plan Zheroes

Plan Zheroes

Plan Zheroes: Leading the Fight Against Food Waste

Plan Zheroes is a surplus food charity that links businesses with excess food to nearby charities in need. They operate a user-friendly online platform for effortless food donations for charities to claim. Plus, they offer a free starter account for businesses looking to get involved. Volunteers are also welcome to participate by assisting in food collection, delivery, or joining food market collections at London's renowned Borough Market and at the Real Food Market at King's Cross.

Here’s how Plan Zheroes can help your business fight food waste and positively influence the environment and community:

  • Getting Surplus Food to Good Causes: Plan Zheroes offers an intuitive online platform that enables food businesses to quickly and safely donate their surplus food to nearby charities. Through the platform your business can make a tangible difference by ensuring your excess food goes to those who need it most.
  • Supporting the Local Community: By partnering with Plan Zheroes, your business can actively support the local community, forging meaningful connections and making a real difference in the lives of people in need.
  • Reducing Food Waste and Environmental Impact: Plan Zheroes' efforts have already saved over 500 tonnes of food, providing over 1,000,000 meals and reducing CO₂ emissions by 2000 tonnes, aligning closely with ethy’s Clean Planet pathway.

By working in tandem with Plan Zheroes, your business can actively contribute to reducing food waste, supporting communities, and creating a more sustainable, cleaner environment.

If you would like to find out more about Plan Zheroes, you can get in touch at