Sourceful is the platform that makes your packaging faster, easier and more sustainable.

Sourceful is on a mission to revolutionise the packaging industry by combining the power of artificial intelligence, data-driven insights, and a team of brilliant minds. Their goal? To make creating and sourcing packaging faster, easier, and, most importantly, more sustainable. In a time when consumers are increasingly mindful of their purchasing decisions, Sourceful equips brands with the tools they need to make packaging choices that benefit business, the planet, and customers alike.

They already have an impressive client list with a number of category-leading brands such as Wild, Zoe & Fenton. Something we also love about Sourceful though is they partner with brands that are both big and small.

Custom packaging that reflects your brand

Branded packaging can be a key driver of growth for e-commerce brands through transforming the customer’s unboxing experience and in turn boosting repeat purchase rates.

Sourceful's online platform allows you to design your packaging in the way you are looking to present your brand to the world. Whether you want to customise size, design, or even the carbon footprint, it's all achievable with just a few clicks. You don't need to be a design expert to create packaging that speaks to your brand identity.

Sustainability commitment

At the core of Sourceful is their mission to make it easier to source more sustainable packaging. Key to achieving this is the combination of powerful data & their own in house sustainability team to assess the environmental credentials of their products.

With Sourceful you can also reduce your brand's carbon footprint with confidence. Sourceful's real-time carbon footprint data helps you make sustainable choices throughout the product's lifecycle. They also go the extra mile by offering carbon removal offset options, using innovative technologies to counteract your packaging's environmental impact.

Startup friendly MOQs

Sourceful was started to make sourcing packaging better for everyone, not just the big players in the market. The MOQ of their eco mailer boxes start at 50 units and paper mailer bags at 100 units, making them a great choice to begin your branded packaging journey and beyond.

If you’re struggling with your design, alongside their easy to online design studio, they also offer free design support which is valuable for independent brands who may not have access to a graphic designer.

Efficiency through AI

Sourceful harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to accelerate visual idea generation and concepting. Say goodbye to lengthy design processes; AI can bring your best ideas to life within 24 hours. Plus, with every online order, you receive free professional proofing to ensure your packaging is flawless.

ethy recommends Sourceful as a strategic partner for brands looking to enhance their sustainability efforts in line with our Clean Planet pathway. By joining forces with Sourceful, you gain access to cutting edge technology, real-time data, and a team committed to your brand's success and the planet's well-being.