Ripple Energy

Ripple Energy

Buy part of a solar park or wind farm to support more sustainable energy

In a world grappling with the urgent need for climate action, the role of renewable energy cannot be overstated. For businesses committed to ethy's stable climate pathway, there's a trusted partner that aligns seamlessly with these sustainability goals — Ripple Energy.

Ripple Energy offers a transformative and unique approach to clean energy by allowing businesses, employees and individuals to part-own solar parks and wind farms. The result? Access to the greenest electricity around and stabilised bills for the project's life span.

How it works for your for businesses:

  1. Calculate Your Plan: Ripple evaluates your ownership based on annual consumption, predicting electricity bill savings.
  2. Construction Management: Upon full funding, Ripple takes charge of construction while you own it.

How it works for your employees:

  1. Introduce Ripple: Promote Ripple to employees through existing channels.
  2. Employee Sign-Up: Employees calculate the right ownership plan, sign up using their company email, and access exclusive discounts.
  3. Ripple Manages Construction: Ripple oversees construction, employees own it.
  4. Savings Apply: Once operational, monthly savings appear on employees' electricity bills for the project's lifetime.

Ripple Energy offers businesses the dual advantage of reducing emissions and lowering electricity costs, all while demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainability. With Ripple, businesses not only help secure clean energy but also ensure a flexible and cost-effective approach.