The Outdoor Guide

The Outdoor Guide

The Outdoor Guide: the UK hub for walking ideas, outdoors lifestyle advice and accessible walks

The Outdoor Guide is an online resource founded by Julia Bradbury and her sister Gina, dedicated to providing information and inspiration for outdoor walks across the UK. ethy appreciates TOG's commitment to promoting a healthy life outdoors and its goal of ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability or opportunity, can access and enjoy the benefits of nature.

Sustainability is a common factor that connects ethy and TOG. Both organisations recognise the importance of preserving and protecting the environment for future generations. TOG's emphasis on exploring the great outdoors aligns with ethy's belief in the positive impact of connecting with nature. ethy supports TOG's efforts to bring together companies with similar values, inspiring families to venture outdoors and explore the beauty of the country.

TOG goes beyond just providing walking routes and outdoor information. It also offers a platform for the community to share stories, knowledge, and experiences, fostering a sense of togetherness and inspiring more outdoor adventures. This inclusive approach resonates with ethy's commitment to building a community centered around sustainability and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Additionally, TOG's mobility arm, AccessTOG, led by disabled Ambassador Debbie North, focuses on creating wheelchair-friendly walks and packages for people with limited mobility. ethy admires this dedication to making the countryside accessible to all individuals and supports the initiative to provide opportunities for people to enjoy nature regardless of their physical abilities.

TOG's partnership with The Outdoor Guide Foundation showcases its charitable endeavours. ethy values TOG's commitment to giving back to the community by donating waterproof suits and wellies to UK primary schools that lack access to proper outdoor gear. This initiative aligns with ethy's mission to support sustainable and inclusive practices, ensuring that children have the opportunity to explore and appreciate the outdoors from an early age.

Stay tuned for exciting partnership activities between ethy and TOG we continue to collaborate in promoting sustainability and a deep appreciation for the wonders of the great outdoors!