Choose from over 20,000 charitable causes that empower your customers to make social impact.

Virtue offers a highly rated fundraising solution, empowering brands and shoppers to make a positive social impact. With over 40,000 registered organisations to choose from, Virtue allows retailers to support causes that align with their brand and customers' values, creating an instant social impact on their stores.

The process of giving with Virtue is simple and flexible. Retailers can select 1 to 3 causes to support, either from the featured causes or from the extensive list of registered organisations. There are three ways to give: as a store, by empowering customers to make direct checkout donations, or by leveraging Upsell Giving to amplify impact.

Tracking and sharing impact is made effortless with Virtue's analytics dashboard and impact tracking widgets. Retailers can monitor their impact in real-time and celebrate giving milestones with customers, fostering transparency and trust.

If your brand is aiming to further support ethy's Thriving Communities pathway, Virtue's offerings closely aligns with ethy's Gives to Charity ecolabel. Many of Virtue's causes also complement other ethy ecolabels, such as Carbon Offsets (carbon offsetting partners), Fights Plastic Waste (plastic offsetting partners), Protects Biodiversity (wildlife conservation charities), and Restores Biodiversity (Coral Reef Planting).

Join the community of retailers, causes, and shoppers making a difference with Virtue. Install the app easily via the Shopify App Store, WooCommerce, or Magento, and start selling with impact today. Virtue is the perfect solution for those seeking to build a brand that customers love while contributing to charitable causes that matter.