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Neem London

Low emissions stylish menswear

Low emissions stylish menswear
Neem London

Neem London's mission is to make the lowest emitting yet stylish shirt in the world.

Fashion accounts for around 10% of global carbon emissions, and Neem London exists to redefine the carbon-intensive industry for a more sustainable menswear clothing that doesn't compromise on quality or style. This means clothing that's long-lasting, offers a great fit and uses fabrics that feel good against the skin.

Their collection of T-Shirts, over shirts, collared shirts and polos are manufactured using a range of materials, carefully selected by Neem for their low CO2 footprint. For instance, their closed-loop recycled cotton shirts are made by regenerating textiles that would have otherwise gone to waste. They also use ZQ Merino - a highly regarded ethical wool - which is both renewable and biodegradable. Check out their ZQ Merino T Shirts here.

To further encourage circular principles within fashion and reduce carbon emissions, you can also send your old clothes to Neem, who will recycle them into new shirts! What's more is that through their Wear Well Bag initiative you'll also receive a generous £30 discount to redeem on your first order over £50 on their men's ethical clothing.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy accreditation, Neem London demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

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