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We’ve got big news to share! ethy’s sustainability accreditation standards have gone through a significant upgrade.
ethy is built on a simple, but powerful vision: A world where shopping doesn't come at the expense of the environment, people or animals.

ethy is built on a simple, but powerful vision: A world where shopping doesn't come at the expense of the environment, people or animals.

Everything we do is based on our vision, and we’ll show you how we’re going to achieve it.

New Green regulations are helpful, but we don’t want to go backwards..

Since starting out in 2021 it’s been our mission to make it easy to shop sustainably. More than ever before people want to make a positive impact with the things they buy, but choices aren’t always clear cut.

A lot of brands make big sustainability promises, but as research shows, as many as 40% of green claims made online could be misleading. This is why the UK government has introduced the Green Claims Code, to make sure brands walk the talk.  They have also published a  Green Claims Code helpful tips for shoppers.

This means that brands could face serious consequences if they say they’re sustainable but don’t deliver. Good news for consumers, but can be confusing for brands. We also don’t want to see breaks put on the sustainability discussion and take us backwards. So, what’s the solution?

Unlocking the power of sustainable shopping

We’ve been busy over the last six months talking to major sustainability leaders such as Carbon Neutral Britain, WWF, the University of Edinburgh, Social Enterprise UK.

They helped us redesign our sustainability accreditation standards, to improve and expand the criteria and ensure that ethy accredited brands’ sustainability claims are verified with most relevant evidence

So, what’s new on ethy?

The logo

Old look - ethy used to look like this, with an infinity symbol resembling eyes as the logo:

New look - Now ethy is looking like this, with a tick to represent accreditation and leaf for sustainability!

New brand pages & trust marks

Making it even easier to see how brands are doing their part.

Look out for the new ethy trust marks! There are almost 40 instead of 16 allowing you to see clearly what areas brands are excelling at and shop according to your values. New trust marks include: Clean Beauty, Community Champion, Refillable Products, Committed to 1.5°C and many more!

Use them as filters in the ethy search.

Informed shopping online and in stores

Brands will now be able to use these new trust marks on their product packaging as well, which means keep an eye out in stores for ethy marks to help you make more informed purchasing decisions.

Six overall sustainability paths to lead us into a sustainable future

How do we know what to aim for, if we focus on the negatives? Typically, if we focus on something, we get more of that, and we don't want more climate change, we want a stable climate, a clean planet, equality, good health..

So, instead, we asked - what should we focus on to have the most impact right now? Which actions would help to make sustainable future a reality?

That's how the six paths were created, to lead us towards a sustainable future:

See what each path includes here.

Say hello to the brands’ Impact Hive!

Our new hexagonal trust marks are designed to fit together to form an Impact Hive, which shows you the brand's sustainability profile in just one picture. Find the Impact Hive on ethy website and app profile pages for each brand. Start shopping sustainably here.

We removed the OpenBanking feature

This was removed because we wanted to focus on doing what matters most. We’re a small team and we want to ensure the best experience for our app users and customers.

What has not changed?

Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The accreditation remains derived from the UN SDGs, so shopping with ethy accredited brands means contributing to the Goals.

The ethy App

Updated look and feel, but works the same! The free-to-use ethy app allows you to discover sustainable brands across the UK.

Our knowledge hub provides how-to guides and inspiration to make simple changes and easy swaps so everyone can have a more sustainable lifestyle over time.

Take a look around the new site and get your fill of fashion, food and drink, homewares, technology and loads more from ethy accredited brands you can be assured are making an impact without the greenwash.

And if you’re a brand committed to sustainability, find out here what ethy’s upgraded sustainability accreditation could mean for you.

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