Ocean Saver

Concentrated, water-soluble cleaning pods
Concentrated, water-soluble cleaning pods
Ocean Saver

Home care generates more than 29 billion plastic containers each year. OceanSaver's solution is to create plant-based, non-toxic EcoDrops that transform in water, creating a safe and powerful product to clean your home spotlessly.

A typical cleaning brand sells you 90% water. Because OceanSaver does not ship water round the country, sending one truck of OceanSaver to a supermarket is the equivalent of 12 trucks of a competitor brand. This saves on plastic consumption and carbon emissions.

Verified sustainability claims

Ocean Saver is taking action for a more sustainable future. The following claims have been proof-backed and verified through ethy, represented by its unique Impact Hive.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy verification, Ocean Saver demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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