Kontext Coffee Company

Ethically-traded single-origin coffee
Ethically-traded single-origin coffee
Kontext Coffee Company

Kontext Coffee is a female-led specialty coffee roastery based near Monmouth, right on the boarder between Herefordshire in England and Monmouthshire in South Wales. All of its high-quality coffees are single-origin, so they’ve been sourced from individual countries and traced right down to the farm. The Living Wage company only works with partners that provide a full record of traceability and price transparency, to ensure a truly fair share of the price goes back to the coffee farmers.

Kontext Coffee operates as a circular business with a wide range of initiatives to reduce waste and support the maximum use of materials. Its packaging is omnidegradable®, meaning it will degrade completely when exposed to microbes in landfill, soil or water, and customers are encouraged to use empty bags for refills. Customers can also purchase reusable Airscape® coffee containers, and can pick from an extensive and colourful ‘mug library’ instead of using disposable cups.

For wholesale customers, Kontext Coffee offers reusable bulk buckets, as well as closed-loop bulk delivery and bucket exchange for customers in the area. The company’s coffee waste also goes to local farms to be used as a rich and effective fertiliser.

Verified sustainability claims

Kontext Coffee Company is taking action for a more sustainable future. The following claims have been proof-backed and verified through ethy, represented by its unique Impact Hive.


Kontext Coffee Company hold the following certifications from ethy's partners.

Living Wage Foundation

Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy verification, Kontext Coffee Company demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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