Eco Glitter Fun

Responsible sparkles & plastic pollution awareness
Responsible sparkles & plastic pollution awareness
Eco Glitter Fun

Eco Glitter Fun have changed the world of glitter for the good of our planet. 🌎 While conventional glitter is bursting with microplastics which can find their way into rivers and oceans and take many years to degrade, Eco Glitter Fun's biodegradable glitter has been independently tested to prove that it degrades in natural freshwater environments as well as composters.

✨ Eco Glitter Fun sell two types of biodegradable glitter products offering two makeup looks and creative styles. Their Bioglitter® PURE is 100% plastic-free and Certified ‘OK Biodegradable WATER’ by TÜV, a world first. Their Bioglitter® SPARKLE is 92% plastic-free and also fully biodegradable in water. Eco Glitter Fun provide full transparency on how their glitter products work and the environmental benefits of their formulation. Read more about how their Bioglitter® works here.

Aside from being fully biodegradable, Eco Glitter Fun also boast the following eco-credentials:

🐇 Bioglitter® SPARKLE and PURE are cruelty-free.
🌲 They plant trees through Trees for Life
They use plastic free packaging
🎗️ Sponsors of Plastic Oceans Foundation

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Verified sustainability claims

Eco Glitter Fun is taking action for a more sustainable future. The following claims have been proof-backed and verified through ethy, represented by its unique Impact Hive.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy verification, Eco Glitter Fun demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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