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Vegan toothpaste tablets

Vegan toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste Tablets
These days most of us are aware that plastic toothpaste tubes play a major role in the plastic pollution crisis. But did you know that the long and complex ingredient lists for toothpaste products also often include toxic chemicals that are bad for the environment as well as our own health?

Meet T-Brush: the new generation vegan toothpaste tablets on a mission to make oral care more sustainable and healthy for all. It's toothpaste in tablet form, meaning you can down the plastic tubes and avoid those strenuous attempts to squeeze that last drop of toothpaste out. T-Brush's toothpaste tablets are highly effective and focus on protection, whitening, sensitivity and gum health. They also come in a variety of flavours, which include Mint, Orange, Charcoal and Strawberry.

So why are these toothpaste tablets a more environmentally conscious choice for our oral care routine?

  1. 100% plastic-free, including packaging
  2. 🌱Plant-based and vegan-friendly
  3. 🐇All products are cruelty-free
  4. 🔄Use glass jars that can be reused
  5. ♻️Packaging is recyclable

T-Brush take measures to offer a more healthy oral care solution. Unlike many conventional toothpastes, their toothpaste tablets are free from SLS, Gluten and Titanium Dioxide. Toothpaste in tablet form is also a much more hygienic way to share toothpaste with others.

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