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Chew chewing gum. Not plastic.

Chew chewing gum. Not plastic.

The average Brit gets through 125 sticks of gum every year. Protection for your teeth, fresh breath and an effective way to combat nervous energy, chewing gum offers some great benefits. But did you know conventional gum contains plastic? Surprising, right? We're chewing on plastic that then sticks around in the environment and worsens plastic pollution.

Enter Milliways: the super natural, 100% plastic-free chewing gum that's kinder to both the planet and your own health. Milliways is a plant-based, sugar-free alternative taking the gum game by storm. They're entirely transparent about each natural ingredient that goes into their gum, which comes in fresh, naturally sweet flavours such as Mighty Mint, Watermelon Wonder and Peppermint Power.

So, what makes Milliways a sustainable chewing gum?

  1. 100% plastic-free gum and packaging
  2. 🌿Only uses plant-based/vegan ingredients
  3. 🍃Gum is biodegradable/compostable
  4. ♻️ Packaging is recyclable and compostable
  5. 🐇Products are always cruelty-free

Gum is the second most littered junk on the planet (after cigarette butts). To fight plastic pollution we need to change what we chew and dispose of our gum in an environmentally considerate way. With Milliways we can do just that without compromising on fresh breath, taste or texture. 😁

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