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About ethy

ethy empowers brands and consumers to act for a more sustainable future.

Founded in 2020, ethy works with brands to build their sustainability story around the UN Sustainable Development Goals through ethy verification and consumer-friendly ecolabels.

ethy provides certification, a sustainability profile and a set of clear ecolabels to use on websites, products and marketing, so consumers can easily see what brands are doing on sustainability and climate change. And brands can gain clear validation on their sustainability claims to create transparent, trusted relationships with their customers while taking a stance against greenwashing.

ethy’s sustainability standards are developed in partnership with industry leaders such as ClimatePartner, Edinburgh Innovations, Carbon Neutral Britain, Ecologi.

ethy are a diverse team of agile technology specialists, sustainability experts, and friendly client services champions that operate across various sectors, including travel, retail, health and beauty, wellness, food, drink, and fashion. ethy’s bespoke assessment and certification software and communications solutions help increase the effectiveness of client communications, reputation and reduce churn.

Having recently been called by the Financial Times as ‘living’ ethy’s consumer platform includes a ‘free-to-download and beautifully designed app’ to help ethy’s clients improve their brand awareness among the 10 000+ conscious shoppers across the UK.

To learn more visit: ethy website, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Our Purpose

Empower brands and consumers to act for a more sustainable future.

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To find out more about ethy or arrange an interview with ethy on how sustainability is impacting goods and services in your market sector, get in touch with:

Kaisa Kangro:

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The ethy team was brought together during a global pandemic with the goal of helping to build a sustainable future.

  • Callum Miller

    Callum Miller

    Director, CEO

    Quotes from Callum Miller
    ethy is setting the benchmarks for truly sustainable brands. We aim to ensure the new generation of savvy shoppers know which brands to trust through highly recognisable ethy trust marks and our sustainable shopping guide app.
    We are championing ethical consumer shopping by enabling brands big or small to prove their commitments through rigorous audit and accreditation, and helping consumers to research, shop, and live more sustainably.
    From significantly lowering the cost of audit and accreditation, so even the smallest start-up consumer brands can prove their values, to delivering a free-to-use app packed with information on environmentally friendly shopping, ethy is championing a brighter, greener, more sustainable future for everyone.
    I began ethy knowing that innovative technology has the potential to solve the world's biggest problems. Where we choose to spend our money has a tangible impact on the environment and society. By bringing ethical consumerism into the mainstream we can harness our collective power and shape a better future for us all.
  • Jack Gardner

    Jack Gardner

    Director, CTO

    Quotes from Jack Gardner
    ethy is built on a simple, but powerful vision: A world where shopping doesn't come at the expense of the environment, people or animals.
    ethy is not just another certificate. ethy’s functional accreditation is designed to enable informed shopping decisions.
    Currently there is no bigger problem than the climate crisis. I created the ethy app to make it easy for everyone to take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Kaisa Kangro

    Kaisa Kangro

    Director, Head of Sustainability

    Quotes from Kaisa Kangro
    Our mission is to empower both brands and consumers to act for a more sustainable future.
    Being ‘green’ isn’t just shouting about sustainability, and far too many brands are jumping on the greenwashing bandwagon without any genuine commitment to the environment. We are championing ethical consumer shopping by enabling brands, big or small, to prove their commitments and ensure that both the retail chain and consumers are truly buying into greener products and not just greener marketing.
    There has been a gap in the market for a while and consumers are confused by sustainability. ethy is the first sustainability accreditation and labelling solution that is created for the shopper. We started by asking ourselves: “What would really help consumers understand and choose sustainable products?”
    We saw a real need for clarity on sustainability. ethy is the first sustainability accreditation and labelling solution that is created for the shopper. We started with the question: “What would really help consumers understand and choose sustainable products?”
    Sustainability has finally become a key consideration for consumers. Challenger brands with sustainability at their heart are capturing a significant market share of even long-established sectors, and this trend is set to only strengthen and continue into the future. Across beauty, fashion, health, food and even financial services, customers are moving towards brands that have a greater purpose than simply making money – and those brands are booming.
  • Richard Grethe

    Richard Grethe

    Non-Executive Director at ethy, CHASE and Cognitant Group.

    Quotes from Richard Grethe

Brand and Trademark Usage Guidelines

If you use any of our assets, please ensure you follow our brand guidelines.

ethy Verified Mark

ethy Verified Mark Black

ethy Verified Mark White

ethy Verified Mark Primary

ethy Verification Mark with Tagline

This is the mark provided to ethy verified brands.

ethy Verification Mark with Tagline Monotone

ethy Verification Mark with Tagline Primary

ethy Verification Mark with Tagline Outline

Primary Logo

Our primary logo combines our trademark, a tick within the 'e' to represent accreditation and a leaf for sustainability, with our wordmark. Wherever possible, we aim to use the primary logo in our brand's green colour or the optically adjusted inverted logo in white.

Primary Logo

Primary Inverted Logo

Monotone Logo

When our primary or full-colour logos aren’t an option, use the monotone logo that provides the most contrast.

Monotone Black Logo

Lifestyle Imagery

Forager Health's Sustainability Profile

ethy Sustainability Standards

ethy Trust Marks Help Shoppers

App Screenshots

ethy Accredited Brand in the ethy App

ethy Accredited Brand in the App

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