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We envision a world where shopping doesn’t come at the expense of the environment, people or animals.

A small group of people from the UK came together during the global pandemic to leverage the power of technology, scientific and expert knowledge on sustainability and our motivation to change the world. We believe that collaboration and innovation is the key to unlock the path to sustainability.

This is why we created ethy, the reason we exist is to empower businesses and consumers to act for a more sustainable future. We do this through accrediting brands through a proof-backed assessment in six core paths to sustainability. Accredited brands can use the awarded ethy trust marks to communicate their sustainability credentials to the public on their products, shop windows and digitally.

For shoppers we have created the ethy app, which allows anyone to search and shop by their values and discover ethical and sustainable brands across the UK. Our knowledge hub provides how-to guides and inspiration to make simple changes and easy swaps so everyone can have a more sustainable lifestyle over time. We’re here to make all that as simple and easy as possible for everyone, because at the end of the day, sustainability is all about living in harmony with nature. So let’s get started!

Sustainable shopping at your fingertips

ethy is your free app to shop with accredited sustainable brands and live a more environmentally considerate lifestyle.

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ethy: sustainable shopping made easy