Click Style

Pioneering sustainability from the start.
The journey begins

The journey begins

In January 2023, Abbie Bell embarked on an exciting yet demanding journey with the launch of Click Style, an innovative e-commerce brand. The inspiration behind this unique venture was born during the Bell family's renovation of a derelict Edwardian property. Their experience sparked the creation of Click Style, a brand dedicated to offering luxurious and stylish interior pieces, crafted to help customers personalise their homes.

From day one, Abbie made a firm commitment to sustainability, considering it an essential part of their business. She explained, "I carved out space from the outset to focus on sustainability. I thought that if I didn't implement these sustainable practices right from the start, I might never get around to it. This is really important to me."

Sustainability as a guiding force

Click Style recognises that sustainability should be at the heart of their operations. Abbie often gets asked why this was a priority for her, "Why emphasise sustainability in the early stages of a business? Well, why not? Honestly, if I can integrate it into everything else I'm learning, so can anyone. It's about finding the time to learn and share knowledge."

Abbie's journey to find ethy and the path to sustainable practices began with the idea of planting a tree for every sale, a concept that deeply resonated with her. "It felt like a beautiful way of giving back to the environment. That's how I initially found ethy, through their partnership with Ecologi. I thought it was a great way to get recognised for doing the right thing.”

It underscores the value of partnerships in the world of sustainability and the collaborative efforts required as we work towards a more sustainable future.

Amplifying achievements

Click Style has already earned the Female Led and Climate Projects ecolabels and aspires to achieve more in the future. In her quest for sustainability, Abbie looks to ethy as a partner. “I’m excited to use ethy's assessment tools to plan our sustainability goals. Creating a roadmap with ethy's assistance for my sustainability efforts is ideal."

Abbie exemplifies that you don't need to be an eco-expert to make a significant impact. Her enthusiasm for learning has led her to write articles for magazines, making sustainability accessible and a topic of discussion.

“While I may not be an eco-expert, my eagerness to learn has driven me to write articles for magazines, turning sustainability into a topic that's accessible and discussion-worthy. Each small act sets the stage for something bigger, and collectively, we can make a huge difference.”

Clickstyle’s partnership with ethy has been published in magazines such as Absolutely Berkshire and Wokingham Local.

Sustainability is a journey

“Admittedly, I don't know as much as I should about sustainability, but I've learned more over time. It's important to educate oneself about these matters and take small steps. ethy’s resources have been a great help. If everyone did a little bit and kept learning and doing more, it could make a significant impact.”

“I believe in taking action, and it feels good to do so.”

For Click Style, the journey towards sustainability continues. They understand the significance of ethy ecolabels and robust claims. Abbie is eager to work with ethy to support their ongoing sustainability strategy: "I'm keen to earn more ecolabels and continue learning."

On ethy

Abbie's experience with ethy has been highly positive. She acknowledges that larger organisations may face more complex challenges but emphasises that sustainability is accessible even for smaller companies like hers. She says “My experience with ethy has been extremely positive. Managing a growing business while making a tangible contribution to sustainability is achievable. It's less about grand gestures and more about consistently making thoughtful choices, and that's what makes it so worthwhile.”

Click Style's story demonstrates the power of making sustainability a central focus, even in the early stages of a business. They show that small steps, combined with a commitment to continuous learning and action, can lead to a meaningful impact.

Sustainability simplified.

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