The Rotten Fruit Box

Freeze dried fruits reducing food waste
Freeze dried fruits reducing food waste
The Rotten Fruit Box

When visiting small local farmers in Portugal and Spain, Tony was shocked that most of the fruit was just left rotting on the ground. After tasting some of the fruit he picked from the trees, he was shocked at how incredibly tasty it was. That is when he started thinking of how he could save this fruit from just rotting, while at the same time helping small farmers.

And so, The Rotten Fruit Box is born, with a curated mix of freeze dried in season fruits. Delicious, healthy, 100% natural, with a long shelf life, their freeze dried fruit snack pouches are ideal for home, work, office, to take to school, camping or just about anywhere.

Verified sustainability claims

The Rotten Fruit Box is taking action for a more sustainable future. The following claims have been proof-backed and verified through ethy, represented by its unique Impact Hive.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy verification, The Rotten Fruit Box demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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