The Original Pillow with a Hole

Your ear’s best friend
Your ear’s best friend
The Original Pillow with a Hole

The company makes exactly what you’d expect: pillows with a hole in the middle. Designed for people with ear pain, tinnitus, piercings and those recovering from surgery, the pillows remove friction and pressure from the ear, allowing for comfortable rest and side-sleeping.

Every pillow is stuffed with cooling hypoallergenic coil-fibre and made to order by a team of local seamstresses in the UK. They’ve proven so popular that the company now produces a compatible range of colourful pillowcases, and has even expanded to cover a full range of other pillows with holes, including travel pillows, leg pillows and wipe-clean waterproof options.

The unusual idea was born when Judy Leigh discovered a genius solution to ear pain she suffered with for years, relying on laying with her ear between the legs of a teddy bear for a decent night’s sleep. But when she was travelling through the Sahara Desert and was given hard sandbags to sleep on, she discovered that by poking a hole into the bag for her ear she was more comfortable than ever before. And so the idea for the Pillow with a Hole was born.

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