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Empowering knitwear
Empowering knitwear
Insert Self Here

Insert Self Here, aka [ISH], is an inclusive knitwear brand that empowers individuals to boldly express their true identities through fashion. Guided by conscious design principles, responsible manufacturing and inclusive retailing, [ISH] offers a range of carefully crafted pieces, from gorgeous gender-fluid tops to cosy queertopia sweaters.

Founder and designer, Daniel, describes the [ISH] vision: “Embracing the bold and beautiful, we want [ISH] to speak directly to queer individuals, celebrating their diverse journeys within the LGBTQ+ community. But it's also for all who understand that gender is a construct begging to be deconstructed, and who are seeking to redefine the boundaries that confine us all. [ISH] knits become a canvas for transcending conventions, allowing wearers to not only blur the lines of gender but play with them.”

All products are plastic-free, 100% vegan and made in the UK, and the company takes a responsible approach to its use of materials, earning ethy recognition for over 95% recycled and recyclable packaging.

Verified sustainability claims

Insert Self Here is taking action for a more sustainable future. The following claims have been proof-backed and verified through ethy, represented by its unique Impact Hive.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy verification, Insert Self Here demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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