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KIKI & Green

Beautifully designed reusable period pads

Beautifully designed reusable period pads
KIKI & Green

As a mother of two, founder Rupal started KIKI & Green to build a better future for her children while also breaking down taboos around period care. Their lovingly made, reusable period pads empower women to eliminate waste from their daily routine, without comprising on performance or comfort.

Made to stand the test of time, KIKI & Green's pads are made from premium bamboo charcoal, which is chemical free, hypoallergenic and zero waste. The pads offer a soft and highly-absorbent material that can be rinsed and then washed with your regular laundry for reuse, helping prevent waste - did you know that 1.5-2 billion menstrual items are flushed down Britain's toilets each year!?

KIKI & Green are conscious about the carbon footprint of their brand. This is why they plant 1 tree for every order made through their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. Their products are also packaged and delivered in 100% plastic-free packaging, which comprise recyclable Kraft paper packaging. ♻️

Impact Hive

A snapshot of KIKI & Green's sustainability journey so far.

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