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Switch to 100% renewable energy

Switch to 100% renewable energy

Switching to 100% renewable energy is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce your CO2 emissions. Did you also know that renewable energy is also more cost effective than non-renewable energy in the long run? If you haven't made the switch yet, now is the time ⚡

Good Energy 👍

Good energy are an outstanding example of a truly green and ethical company which is making a positive difference to the planet. They are one of the select few who don't just claim to be green or have a green tariff but actually sell energy generated from energy projects they've already invested in. Good Energy provide 100% renewable electricity and Green Gas to build a greener future through British sunshine, wind and rain. 🌧️☀️💨

Good Energy are currently running a One Planet Promise project, where they invite you to create a set of promises for how you want to be greener in 2021. Create your One Planet Promises here.

Ecotricity 💚

Ecotricity have been providing renewable energy across the UK since 1996. They offer 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral gas.

What's more is that they use the money from your energy bills to develop new sources of green energy. So you can help build a green Britain – just by using their energy.

If you do a lot of motorway driving, you may have seen their electric vehicle charging points. Ecotricity have been a huge player in the fact it’s now possible to drive up and down the UK without burning fossil fuels 🔌🚗

Switch to Ecotricity's renewable energy and invest in a green Britain here

Bulb Energy 💡

Bulb provide 100% renewable electricity from solar, wind and hydro. Their gas is 100% carbon neutral too. Bulb offset the emissions from the gas they supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world. Plus, they are the biggest buyer of green gas for homes in the UK so a chunk of their gas mix comes from renewable sources, like food or farm waste too.

By going green, the average Bulb member lowers their carbon impact by 3.4 tons a year. That's equivalent to the impact of around 1,689 trees 🌲

Make the switch to Bulb over here

Octopus Energy 🐙

Octopus Energy is a UK-based retail electricity and gas supplier specialising in sustainable energy. 100% of the energy they provide is from renewable source, such as wind and solar. 100% of the gas they supply is also carbon offset. They now supply green energy to 1.5 million homes in the UK. 🇬🇧

Octopus Energy pride themselves on great customer service. They've branded themselves as a 'digital energy supplier for the digital age' and one that goes above and beyond to provide customers with an exceptional customer experience.

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