Green Claims Code

This training will give you all the information you need on Green Claims Code and equip you with the best practice for marketing ethically.
Green Claims Code

The Green Claims Code was launched in 2022 to tackle corporate 'greenwashing' - and it revolutionised what we can and can't say about the environmental credentials of our businesses.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) estimates that around 40% of online claims may not comply with the Code; that figure is much higher among sustainable and ethical businesses, who are unwittingly falling foul of the new guidelines. This session provides a step-by step guide to what ethical and sustainable businesses need to know to stay within the law.

In this session we will cover what's included in the Code, and what we can and can't say about our brands, products and services.

The Code is designed to tackle greenwashing by brands that are trying to deliberately mislead customers - but the knock on impacts for genuinely ethical businesses are huge. We'll talk about the unique challenges the Code brings for businesses who want to do good - and how the Code helps us be the change-makers who lead the way in tackling greenwashing.

There will also be plenty of real life examples, opportunities to discuss different examples and why they may (or may not) be censured by the ASA, and a Q&A to tackle any issues that you want to know more about.

Your speaker

Jane Shaw

Jane Shaw

Founder, Ethical Business Marketing and environmental communications specialist at Ethical Business Marketing

Jane has extensive experience of marketing for ethical, sustainable businesses and not-for-profits, and has been working with the Code since its inception. As a climate change disinformation expert, she has been an activist against greenwashing for many years. She is also an experienced trainer and educator, helping businesses create great marketing and supporting marketers who want to switch from profit-based to purpose-based marketing.

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