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Get Involved This World Refill Day

In the run-up to World Refill Day on the 16th June, the annual global awareness campaign to reduce plastic pollution, ethy has teamed up with

In the run-up to World Refill Day on the 16th June, the annual global awareness campaign to reduce plastic pollution, ethy has teamed up with Refill and City to Sea. Together we hope to share a positive message to show how simple changes made by us all can drastically decrease the amount of waste we produce as a society.

Refill is an app connecting people with locations where they can eat, drink and shop with less waste. It allows us all to find nearby refill stations and avoid single use plastics. The app now has over 190,000 refill stations to connect with and has helped prevent 100,000,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill.

World Refill Day is a global campaign by City to Sea that calls on businesses, governments and people around the world to promote reuse and help make single-use plastic a thing of the past. It’s an opportunity for us all to take positive action and make a change.

4 ways to get involved!

  1. Perhaps the most obvious but impactful way to take part is to simply choose to reuse! These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to reusables, from tote bags to reusable food wraps to refillable beauty products to secondhand fashion. Have a think about the next sustainable swap you can make that will help avoid plastic and prevent waste.
  2. Another way to get involved would be to download the Refill app and begin making use of the 190,000 refill stations that it features worldwide.
  3. A great contribution to make is to spread awareness on social media, reminding family and friends that refill and reuse is the new normal.
  4. World Refill Day also advocates lobbying local businesses and brands to engage in the reduction of plastic pollution. Be direct and ask companies how they are approaching the climate crisis and what they’re doing to lessen their impact. The more vocal we are the greater the chance that they’ll listen.

World Refill Day raises the awareness of the excessive and unnecessary waste of single-use plastic. But perhaps more importantly, the campaign has proven that collective action really can make a BIG difference, with over 100,000,000 plastic bottles having been saved. To produce big results like this we need millions of us making small changes to the way we live. So see if you can make a small change this World Refill Day.

Head over to Refill's World Refill Day to join the Refill Revolution!

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