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The Oxford Brush Company

Say goodbye to plastic brushes

Say goodbye to plastic brushes
The Oxford Brush Company

It's time to ditch the plastic/throwaway brushes (as well as the toothbrushes)!

The Oxford Brush Company have developed sustainable & lasting alternatives to throwaway cleaning brushes. They provide eco-friendly brushes for almost every use you can imagine as their motto highlights 'if we don't have a brush for it, it's not worth cleaning'. 🧹

  1. 🛀 Eco-friendly and plastic-free bathroom cleaning brushes
  2. 👨‍🍳 Eco-friendly and plastic-free kitchen cleaning brushes
  3. 💇 Eco-friendly and plastic-free hairbrushes and combs

Impact Hive

A snapshot of The Oxford Brush Company's sustainability journey so far.

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