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Reusable kitchen roll & beeswax food wraps

Reusable kitchen roll & beeswax food wraps

Eco-Bees are a household brand who manufacture and supply eco-alternatives to single use items. They currently produce two very useful reusable products to help you minimise waste in the kitchen (the number 1 hotspot for household waste!).

🧻 Eco-Bees produce a washable bamboo kitchen roll that can be used hundreds of times and is compostable at it's end of life. It's an easy swap for you to avoid single use kitchen role and maintain a clean kitchen in a sustainable fashion. Have a look here.

🐝 They also create beeswax food wraps which are easy to wash and can be used again and again. At end of life (12 months) these are also 100% compostable. Feast your eyes on them over here.

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