Introducing ethy's Embeddable Widgets

The easiest way to showcase your sustainability story on your website
The easiest way to showcase your sustainability story on your website

At ethy, we understand the importance of transparency and trust regarding sustainability claims. That's why we've recently launched a new set of embeddable widgets that allow you to easily showcase your ethy verified status and ecolabels on your website. Whether you want to highlight your sustainability initiatives on your homepage, product pages, sustainability page, footer or anywhere else on your website, our widgets make it easy.

Integrating ethy widgets is a simple two-step process that involves copying and pasting a few lines of code.

We've designed our widgets to be user-friendly and easy to configure so they seamlessly match the style of your website. Plus, you can use as many widgets as you'd like on your website, giving you complete flexibility and control over how you demonstrate your sustainability claims.

We have launched with six widget designs available for you to use. Check out some screenshots below, or to see them in action, you can visit our Fake Widget Store, which has a different widget on every page, or our Widget Demo Page.

The Floating Verified Badge

A floating badge in the bottom left or right of your chosen web pages. When clicked, a pop-up displaying your ecolabels and ethy verified status will appear.

The Impact Hive Widget

A full-width widget displaying your Impact Hive and a link to your brand's profile.

The Corporate Banner

A full-width, responsive banner with buttons to open the sustainability profile and verification certificate. This banner is more minimalistic and does not display the ecolabels, perfect for corporate websites.

The Ecolabels Banner

A shallow full-width responsive banner displaying the ethy verified mark and all of your ecolabels.

The Large Card

A Large card that shows your ecolabels and your ethy verified status, ideal for signposting your sustainability initiatives on your product pages.

The Small Card

A small card with a link to your brand's profile, perfect for adding to your footer or anywhere else on your website.

The Pop Ups

The widgets have been designed with your users, and your conversion rate, in mind. To keep your users on your website, instead of linking directly to your brand profile on the ethy website, each widget can be configured to fire a pop-up with information about each ecolabel you have achieved. There are two pop up designs to choose from:

Next Steps

To get started, all you need to do is visit your Communications Toolkit in the ethy dashboard. Follow the two-step process to configure your chosen widgets and copy-paste the code into your website's HTML code. If you have any questions or feedback about our widgets, please don't hesitate to contact our CTO, Jack, at

Please note that the widgets are currently in beta, so if you encounter any issues while integrating them, or have any feedback, please feel free to contact us.

We believe these widgets will help you build trust and transparency with your customers, and we are excited to see how you will use them to showcase your sustainability story on your website.

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