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We're looking for eco-conscious ambassadors to join our team. Do you believe that consumers can change the world? Join us today and help empower consumers while enjoying some exclusive brand ambassador perks!

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The perks

ethy’s purpose is to make ethical shopping & selling easy, so we could achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030. If you want to make a positive impact on the world too, then you’re in great company. ethy ambassadors are a group of incredible, caring people helping to empower consumers and bring forth ethically transparent shopping.

Be heard

Speak directly with ethy's co-founders about your ideas for new features and the future of ethy. Get early access to new features and app builds.

Recommend businesses

Get your favourite ethical & sustainable UK businesses featured on ethy, and we will tell the world you helped us find them.


Connect with likeminded people, fellow ambassadors, business owners and ethy team. We are constantly improving this community and excited about where it is going!


We will feature your profile on our website, in our app and on our social media pages. Through the year there will be various opportunities for collaboration with us and accredited businesses.

What ambassadors do

Our ambassadors are the extension of our crew, the insiders, the trusted voices, activists, influencers and leaders of today. When you talk, we listen. Collaboration is what can make ideas come to life and bring about change. We make this change happen together.

Tag us

Include a link to in your instagram bio​ or link to in other platforms.

Talk about ethy

Post about ethy on your social media accounts to raise brand awareness. Take advantage of collaboration opportunities on social media, linking with likeminded people and businesses.


Tell us how it is. Feedback on the app, the features, the businesses we feature. Let’s make ethy the best and most useful it can be.

Build the community

Help us reach future brand ambassadors and businesses to grow the ethy-cal community.

Meet ethy's Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are an immense source of inspiration for us with their own stories of how they are becoming more sustainable, ethical and mindful in their lives and as consumers. Please follow them to get inspired as well!

  • Marina Hernandez

    Marina Hernandez


    As an animal conservation student, I always aim to be as sustainable as possible in my everyday life, which is not always easy when you’re a student! Shopping ethically can be challenging for those short on time so having an app like ethy, which is able to do all the work for you, is exactly what I’ve been wishing for. If you’re looking for a sustainable shopping guide and some foodie inspiration, this is the app for you!

  • Sophie Morrison

    Sophie Morrison


    ethy really does have it all: it's easy to use, has great leaders on the team and most importantly can help all of us become more environmentally conscious. I applied to be an ethy ambassador because I wanted to take that active role when it comes to sustainability, and make a change now!

  • Beth Henry

    Beth Henry


    I decided to turn 2021 from a negative into a positive, focusing on sustainable living and how I can use my platform to inspire others. I am super passionate about our impact on the planet and animal conservation & believe these two things go hand in hand. I’ve been looking for an app like ethy to support my sustainability journey and I believe it can help you too.

  • Helen Reynolds

    Helen Reynolds


    For the last few years I've been trying to live a more sustainable life but I'm far from perfect and constantly learning. I decided to become an ethy ambassador as I'm super excited about an app that will help people shop more sustainably. With the amount of greenwashing out there it's a bit of a minefield and can be so hard to know what to do for the best a lot of the time. The ethy app is designed to keep us informed on important environmental and social issues to help us spend with sustainable businesses, what’s not to love!

  • Jude Travers

    Jude Travers


    As a Geologist and microplastic PhD student I can see first hand the human impact of plastics on our environment. I'm passionate about reducing plastic usage, reusing what we have, and recycling correctly. I want to use my platform to encourage others to adopt changes in their lifestyles, however small. ethy's app combines supporting verified sustainable local and online business for the conscious consumer.

  • Lily Steele

    Lily Steele


    I am beyond happy to be a brand ambassador for ethy! Climate change is a growing problem that many people often feel powerless to contribute to solution on their own. I think empowering people through a platform and app like ethy, to help them to choose sustainable and ethical options, is awesome. It’s such a great tool people can use in their daily lives to aid the action to prevent climate change reaching its tipping point and becoming irreversible. I am proud to be on board.

  • Hannah Saunders

    Hannah Saunders


    I started my Instagram Yoga page wanting it to be more than just a way to grow my business. My goal was to combine my two passions, making Yoga accessible to all and inspiring people with everyday Eco swaps. Ethy is an App that previously only lived within my imagination; an App that makes sustainable shopping easy. It helps you make small changes to your everyday life, taking away that consumer guilt. The App eliminates stress from the individual who doesn't have the time to figure out what is best for the planet; pushing that responsibility back onto experts who live and breathe an Eco lifestyle. I am proud to be an Ethy Ambassador, inspiring more people to make sustainable swaps.

  • Laura Rosierse

    Laura Rosierse


    My parents raised me a child very aware of its surroundings, I have a big heart for Mother Earth and want to help take care of her in any way I can. Shopping sustainably can be a pain but luckily the team at ethy have just made that task a lot easier! I am very excited about joining the incredible team and help raise awareness of sustainability!

  • Freddy



    Here to save the big blue ball by any means necessary. Spend my days browsing ethy for eco-friendly treats and plastic-free dog toys. Haven't gone fully vegan quite yet, but all in good time...all in good time.

  • Shrinee Mishra

    Shrinee Mishra


    I am a 'nature & animal lover'. In India, where I am pursuing a Honors degree in Environmental Science, I have learned the importance of applying classical strategies to modern-day innovations to help enliven the conditions of our Environment. I always want my goal to be reducing consumption for a sustainable future. More than anything, I don’t want to forget that as a consumer it is my responsibility to fix the planet as much as that of corporations who are the biggest contributors to its destruction. ethy not only supports eco-friendly brands, but also educates people against green-washing. Moreover, it has made sustainable shopping effortless. I feel honored to be associated with them.

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