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The Clean Market LDN

Clean living made easy

Clean living made easy
The Clean Market LDN

The Clean Market LDN are here to make eco-friendly living easier and more accessible for us all. They're an eco-friendly online shop providing everything you need to live a low-impact lifestyle, particularly when it comes to avoiding plastic and reducing waste. Offering cosmetics, homeware, on-the-go items, pet products and more, The Clean Market LDN provide planet-friendly swaps for your entire daily routine. All products have been carefully selected for their environmental benefits, meaning you can rest assured that they truly are sustainable!

Want to live more sustainably but having trouble knowing where to begin? Why not start with one of their Zero-Waste Essentials Packs, filled with plastic-free swaps that are easy to make! You can also opt for their Subscription service, which delivers sustainable products to your door as and when needed. A convenient way to reduce your environmental footprint!

The Clean Market LDN demonstrate a holistic commitment towards sustainable practices. Their eco-credentials include:

  1. Packaging & 95% of products plastic-free
  2. 🌿Large collection of organic products
  3. 🌱Majority of products are vegan-friendly
  4. 🗑️Reusable products help reduce waste
  5. 🌳Natural products free from artificial ingredients

The Clean Market LDN categorise their products depending on sustainable impact, making it absolutely clear why your purchase is a more environmentally considerate alternative. They also provide 100% transparency on all the ingredients that go into their products to help you make more informed choices.

Now is the time to say goodbye to single-use plastics once and for all and help tackle the excessive waste we produce as a society. With The Clean Market LDN this is now more straightforward than ever.

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