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Soaps that make you feel good

Soaps that make you feel good

SABÓ is a small business creating handcrafted, 100% natural soaps that are good for both the planet and your wellbeing. Formulated with sustainability in mind, their UK-made soaps comprise of plant-based oils and butters including olive, coconut, mango and shea, offering you an all-natural alternative to conventional synthetic soaps. These ingredients have been carefully selected by SABÓ for their moisturising, cleansing and conditioning properties. Their soap bars are also designed to last you up to 45 showers! 🧼

Looking for a sustainable, feel-good soap? This is why you should opt for SABÓ:

  1. 🍃Soaps are 100% natural and plant-based
  2. 🐇Their soaps are cruelty-free
  3. 📦Packaging is always plastic free
  4. 🗑️Created in small batches to prevent waste
  5. ♻️Biodegradable, recycled or recyclable packaging

SABÓ's sustainably produced soaps contain 100% pure essential oils, carefully blended for their therapeutic properties to nourish your skin and make you feel good. Some of our top picks include their lavender & clary sage, rosemary, tea tree and nettle and calendula (part of their unscented range). 🌿

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A snapshot of SABÓ.'s sustainability journey so far.

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