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Replenish Bottles

Multipurpose refillable aluminium bottles

Multipurpose refillable aluminium bottles
Replenish Bottles

Replenish Bottles are on a mission to promote the refill-reuse revolution, with their range of multipurpose refillable aluminium bottles. Their bottles are both aesthetically pleasing and a highly effective way to avoid single use plastics in your day-to-day life.

Working in partnership with Miniml, Replenish Bottles offer their bottles pre-filled with eco-friendly cleaning, laundry and personal care products. Alternatively, you can purchase their bottles as-is and fill them with your favourite product. With each refill you're taking positive action against plastic-pollution.

Replenish Bottles offer screw tops, trigger sprays and lotion pumps with their bottles, making them a versatile solution for all types of products. Their aluminium bottles can be recycled at its end of life. Dispensers can also be broken down into separate components and recycled.

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A snapshot of Replenish Bottles's sustainability journey so far.

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