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Durable, high-quality reusable products

Durable, high-quality reusable products

QiEco are all about feel-good products that are kind to both you and the planet. They offer a range of skillfully designed reusable products for you to live a low-impact lifestyle at home and on-the-go. Built to last, QiEco's products have a strong focus on durability and quality, enabling you to not only buy less but also buy better. Tote Bags, Reusable Bottles, Beauty Gift Sets and Eco Yoga Mats are just some of what's on offer among their growing collection of sustainable products. Watch this space for new planet-friendly must-haves!

QiEco is a brand that put planet before profit, taking action to minimise its impact on the environment. Here's how:

  1. 🌲Plant a tree for every order
  2. 🐇All products are cruelty-free
  3. Offers plastic-free products
  4. 📦Packaging is also always plastic-free
  5. 🌊Support charities that clean our oceans
  6. 🗑️Reusable, durable products help reduce waste

Not only are QiEco's products reusable and long-lasting, but they've also been produced using sustainable materials that have less impact on the planet than conventional products. For example, their Tote Bags are made from 18 recycled plastic bottles, meaning they help combat plastic pollution. QiEco also harness the environmental advantages of bamboo to make their beauty products - a highly sustainable plant. 🎋

So, if you've looking for truly eco-friendly products that never compromise on quality, QiEco have got you covered!

Impact Hive

A snapshot of QiEco's sustainability journey so far.

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