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Mix Clean Green

Award winning, concentrated cleaning

Award winning, concentrated cleaning
Mix Clean Green

Mix Clean Green's vision is to provide cleaning products that leave homes looking and smelling amazing without harming the natural world. Unlike most cleaning products that contain over 90% water, Mix's range of just-add-water cleaning products are water-free and highly-concentrated. From Multipurpose cleaners to Bath Mix, they offer a large collection of 'clean' cleaning essentials. ✨

Mix's concentrated cleaning products come with a host of environmental benefits. Less volume helps cut back on the number of boats and trucks needed to transport them, which means reduced carbon emissions. Their products also use smaller containers, which requires less packaging. Now think of hundreds of millions of people using concentrated cleaning products. Big impact.

Beyond this, Mix Green Clean formulate their products to ensure a sustainable and ethical production process:

  1. 🌱All of their products are vegan & cruelty free (Vegan Society accredited)
  2. 🔄Containers are refillable, so reduce waste
  3. No Parabens, SLS, chemical preservatives
  4. 🎗️5% of profits donated to Project Sea Grass
  5. 👣Concentrated formula means a much lower Carbon footprint

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