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Protect your phone & the planet

Protect your phone & the planet
Loam & Lore

1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away every year around the world. That’s a lot of plastic waste. Loam & Lore are on a mission to help rid our planet of single-use plastic with their plastic-free and 100% biodegradable phone cases. Harnessing the environmental advantages of wheat straw, Loam & Lore's phone cases will decompose in 90 to 120 days in an industrial composter, and do not pose a threat to our planet's environment and wildlife.

Loam & Lore's sustainability efforts extend beyond their use of biodegradable materials. For example:

  1. 🌲 Every order plants a tree
  2. All products are plastic-free
  3. ♻️ Use plastic-free recyclable packaging
  4. 🍃All products are vegan-friendly
  5. 🐒5% profit to Amazon Conservation Team

Suitable for all standard phone types and sizes, Loam & Lore's eco-friendly cases never compromise on quality. Their ultra-thin design uses precise hole positioning to allow for a perfect fit for your phone with full protection. Offering a sleek design in a range of colours and styles, it's time to raise your selfie game without harming the planet! 🤳

In addition to their environmentally considerate phone cases, Loam & Lore also offer a selection of beautiful handmade cork leather accessories and sustainable on-the-go items. Watch this space for new product collections!

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