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Affordable, plastic-free alternatives for all

Affordable, plastic-free alternatives for all

LivEcoFriendly is a fantastic online retailer of eco-consciously made gifts, self care, cleaning, on-the-go and aromatherapy products. They're a UK-based, family run business committed to working in harmony with nature and supporting a minimalist, sustainable lifestyle. LivEcoFriendly stock carefully selected products that put planet first and help minimise our impact on the environment. You can trust that all of their products are:

  1. 🐇100% cruelty-free
  2. 🌱Vegan friendly
  3. 🌲 Plant a tree with each order
  4. 🗑️Reduce waste wherever possible
  5. 📦Always use plastic-free packaging
  6. ♻️Recycled, recyclable or biodegradable packaging

LivEcoFriendly's ethical approach also extends beyond their products. They also use their platform to promote some of the most significant environmental petitions to help drive much needed change. Have a look at the petitions they support over here.

Impact Hive

A snapshot of LivEcoFriendly's sustainability journey so far.

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