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Reusable baby products

Reusable baby products
Little Moon Baby

Striving to live a sustainable lifestyle as a parent to a newborn baby is no easy task. While coping with sleepless nights, nappy changes and constant feeds, most parents find it hard to avoid single-use items such as nappies and baby wipes. It was this realisation that inspired founder Christie Burgess to launch Little Moon Baby: an online seller of Reusable Nappies, Accessories, Clothing and Home & Baby products for all those trying to stay green as a new parent.

Little Moon Baby's principal product category is reusable nappies, which are designed to be washed and reused. With the average baby getting through 4,000 disposable nappies by the time they're potty-trained, reusable nappies make a significant impact when it comes to reducing waste.

Beyond their collection of reusable nappies, Little Moon Baby takes further action to provide environmentally considerate baby products. All products have been chosen with the intention of avoiding single-use plastics, from reusable cloth wipes to wooden baby toys. They use packaging that is both recycled and recyclable (primarily paper/cardboard). All products have been built to last, helping parents reduce the number of items consumed over a baby's childhood.

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A snapshot of Little Moon Baby's sustainability journey so far.

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