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World's first sustainable, high performance computer

World's first sustainable, high performance computer

iameco have developed the world's first sustainable, high performance computer, free from the harmful chemicals and heavy metals built into most computers. It's a truly unconventional creation that challenges the growing impact of the electronics industry. So what makes iameco's computers more environmentally kind? 💻

  1. 🌲The computer itself is cased in solid natural woods rather than plastic
  2. 💪They're built to last 3X longer than your average laptop (up to 10 years)
  3. They use a third less power than your mainstream computer
  4. 🏭Their production emits 30% less Greenhouse Gases than standard computer

While making the swap to a more eco-friendly laptop is a big commitment, you have to admire the ambition and positive impact these guys are making!

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