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Make your money make change

Make your money make change

Looking to invest for impact and have a presence in sustainable investing? Meet GreenGrowth: an exciting new app empowering us to invest for a more sustainable future.

Green investment means putting your money behind companies that generate positive environmental outcomes. Through GreenGrowth's app you can invest exclusively in companies solving some of the biggest environmental challenges, from plastic and water waste to rising carbon emissions.

Their mission is to give people’s money the greatest personal impact. After measuring a user’s carbon footprint via an in-app questionnaire, the user can then invest into corresponding environmentally-themed funds, weighting them more heavily into the areas they are most polluting. GreenGrowths' investment options are broken down into 5 sustainable investment themes, making green investment more accessible and offering greater choice than conventional green investment solutions. If they don't want to go down the footprint investing route, users also have the option to select their own themes, that they feel most strongly about.

Another area that sets GreenGrowth apart from its counterparts, is that you can monitor the environmental impact of each investment you make. By combining data provided by fund managers with additional environmental data from the companies you invest in, GreenGrowth provides a more comprehensive overview of your impact. In keeping with their commitment to transparency, GreenGrowth clearly demonstrates how they measure the environmental impact of your portfolio.

Ready to make your money make change? Download the GreenGrowth app from the link below and get started with as little as £20.

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Impact Hive

GreenGrowth's sustainability profile.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy accreditation, GreenGrowth demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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