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Green n White

Sustainable essentials made affordable

Sustainable essentials made affordable
Green n White

Purpose over profit is the ethos of Green n White: a one-stop-shop for environmentally considerate products at cost price. We all know that 'green' products can be more expensive than their conventional counterparts - a common deterrent for many who want to prioritise sustainability. Green n White are tackling this head on by making sustainable products convenient and affordable.

Green n White don't profit from their products themselves, but instead take a modest membership fee to enable them to offer much more affordable prices. They provide a variety of low-impact essentials For You and For Home, including many own-brand products as well as others from reputable eco-brands.

They take a holistic approach to sustainability. Here's how:

  1. 🔄Offer refillable products to reduce plastic
  2. ♻️All bottles are made from recycled plastic
  3. 🌱Almost every product is vegan-friendly
  4. 📍All own-brand products are made in the UK
  5. For every refill sold, they offset 5 plastic bottles through PlasticBank
  6. 🌲Plants a tree through Eden Reforestation Projects for every new member

If you fancy trialing out their membership without the initial commitment, Green n White is also offering an exclusive 3-month membership for free!

Impact Hive

A snapshot of Green n White's sustainability journey so far.

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