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Luxurious natural towels

Luxurious natural towels

There's an unrivalled satisfaction that comes with wrapping yourself in a luxuriously soft towel after a hot bath. But if that towel has been made to the detriment of the planet is it really such a satisfying experience in the grand scheme of things?

Driven by sustainable methods of production, GIBIE crafts natural towels inspired by a 5000-Year-Old dyeing process called Ayurvedic dyeing. In contrast to conventional, chemical-intensive textile production processes, GIBIE uses herbal dyeing methods with sustainable materials like bamboo and organic cotton to create their collection of luxury linen. They're 100% vegan-friendly and never test any components on animals. In an effort to minimise waste during production, plant solid and liquid waste is separated through the process of filtration and used for farming purposes as manure and for watering the fields. Read more on GIBIE's production process here.

Combined, the GIBIE team has more than 28 years of expertise in textiles, which they've used to combine luxury-with-sustainability. Here are some of the qualities of their natural bath linen:

  1. 🌿Anti-bacterial
  2. 🌿Super soft & Shiny
  3. 🌿Odour resistant
  4. 🌿Quick drying
  5. 🌿More absorbent
  6. 🌿Kind to sensitive skin
  7. 🌿Free from harmful chemical dyes

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