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For the women who've never had the choice to be free

For the women who've never had the choice to be free

Freeset exists for the many women who have never had the choice to be free. Their focus is on creating positive employment opportunities for women affected by sex trafficking in West Bengal, India. In line with fairtrade principles, Freeset manufacture a range of bags and t-shirts through which they offer employment to approximately 200 women who were trapped in the sex trade with little chance of a better life without Freeset. 100% of their profits are used to look after the women who work for Freeset.

When you choose to spend with Freetrade you help empower women to choose a free life from prostitution.

Freeset are also on the lookout for volunteers to help support their cause. Here's how you can get involved.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Through achieving ethy accreditation, Freeset demonstrates contribution towards the following Global Goals.

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