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Yoga with a lighter footprint

Yoga with a lighter footprint
Ekotex Yoga

Yoga helps us become one with nature, one with our ecosystem and we become conscious of our natural environment. To remain true to this, it's important that the equipment and products we use to practice yoga also respect the natural world.

"Balance with a lighter footprint" is the motto of Ekotex Yoga, who believe yoga feels even better when your whole practice is in harmony with your ethos. Ekotex Yoga is a family-run company from Scotland, that supply yogis around the world with sustainable yoga mats and props. They create naturally beautiful and ethically produced yoga mats and equipment with a strong focus on durability.

All products are produced with sustainability in mind. Here's how Ekotex Yoga take action to minimise their impact on the planet:

  1. 📦Deliver in zero-plastic packaging
  2. 🍃Mats made from eco-friendly materials
  3. 🌿Cotton goods are certified GOTS organic
  4. ♻️Yoga mats made from recycled foams
  5. 📍Products made in the UK where possible

Social responsibility is also inherent to how Ekotex Yoga operate as a business. Their staff policy in the UK is to pay the real living wage + 15% as a minimum. To ensure an ethical supply chain, all cotton-goods suppliers are independently inspected and hold a certification which can only be issued if specific social criteria are met. Ekotex Yoga have also partnered with Yoga Stops Traffick, an organisation that funds both rescue and safe-housing for victims of human trafficking in Mysore, India.

Impact Hive

A snapshot of Ekotex Yoga's sustainability journey so far.

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