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Natural wellness shakes for women

Natural wellness shakes for women

BOXD's vision is to make healthy nutrition more convenient for women on-the-go, while striving to ensure minimal environmental impact. BOXD is a wellness shake designed to provide sufficient nutrition for the modern woman. Packed with a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and protein, their shakes helps keep those with an active lifestyle feeling healthy, balanced and ready to take on what life has in store.

Unlike the majority of conventional wellness shakes and protein powders that are sold in bulky plastic containers and produce lots of waste, BOXD is packaged sustainably and avoids the use of plastic wherever possible. Each shake blend is packaged in recyclable, compostable and biodegradable paper sachets. Their mailing bags are made from 100% biodegradable resin and boxes are also made from 80% recycled materials. ♻️

BOXD is also a vegan-friendly brand, offering a variety of Plant-Based Pea Protein shakes. Coming in two delicious flavours - Madagascan Vanilla or Double Chocolate Brownie - their vegan shakes contains all of the necessary multi-nutrients without comprising on great taste or texture.

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A snapshot of BOXD's sustainability journey so far.

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