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Astris and Green

Kind to you and the planet

Kind to you and the planet
Astris and Green

Inspired by her own journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle, Emma began Astris and Green to make eco-friendly swaps more accessible to all. They offer a fantastic selection of natural personal care and household items that are kind to both you and the planet. Astris and Green have done all the hard work and hand picked some of the most reputable eco-brands out there, so you can rest assured your products are sustainable. Their eco-credentials include:

  1. 🐝Sponsor a bee for orders over £10 with Plan Bee.
  2. All packaging used is 100% plastic free.
  3. 🐇All brands stocked are cruelty-free.

We also love their Refer a Friend scheme that rewards both you and a friend for making eco-swaps. Discounts and credit to spend with Astris and Green is up for grabs so well worth a look if you ask us!

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