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Carbon Neutral Britain

Carbon Neutral Britain is the UK's leading carbon offsetting initiative - allowing individuals and businesses to offset their environmental impact.

ethy has drawn upon the expertise of Carbon Neutral Britain to develop it's Stable Climate assessment pillar and associated trust marks.

Carbon Neutral Britain fund projects in Britain and around the world to reduce the amount of CO²e in the earths atmosphere. By offsetting your carbon footprint - with projects to remove CO²e from the atmosphere, CNB enable businesses and individuals to balance out emissions to become what is known as carbon neutral.

Founded in 2020, their projects have already offset over 500,000 tonnes of CO²e and planted over 3 million trees, helping stop climate change and providing essential forest habitats for endangered wildlife.

Carbon neutrality is vital if we want to stop and prevent climate change, and through our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, we hope to recognise and champion organisations making considerable efforts towards this status.

Developing ethy’s Stable Climate assessment pillar and associated trust marks

ethy joined forces with Carbon Neutral Britain during the early months of 2022, with particular focus on our trust marks related to carbon emissions: Carbon Offsets, Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative.

Our objectives were to:

  • To safeguard our Stable Climate pillar against greenwashing and ensure ethy only recognise organisations making genuine and measurable contributions towards a stable climate.
  • To further understand how companies can measure, track and reduce carbon emissions.
  • To ensure the framework accounts for industry type, company size and infrastructure when assessing on carbon emissions.
  • To develop the standard and criteria for which a company must adhere to for ethy to award its Carbon Offsets, Carbon Neutral and Carbon Negative trust marks.
  • To decide on the accepted proof for our Stable Climate trust marks.
  • To initiate a meaningful partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain in accordance with UNSDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals.