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We don't want anyone to be held back from building a sustainable future. That's why our pricing plans are tailored to each brand to ensure ethy accreditation is affordable.

The UK's most progressive brands are ethy accredited.

Tailored Pricing

A one-off submission fee of £195 covers the accreditation assessment and an SEO optimised brand landing page creation by our editorial team. Successful applicants can choose either an ongoing monthly subscription or annual payment plan. Opting for the latter saves further 20%. To accredit more brands than one please contact us for multi-brand pricing.

Annual Brand RevenueBilled MonthlyBilled Yearly
Under £100,000£29/m£23/m
£100,000 - £249,000£59/m£47/m
£250,000 - £999,999£89/m£71/m
£1,000,000 - £4,999,999£129/m£103/m
£5,000,000 - £9,999,999£179/m£149/m
£10,000,000 - £49,999,999£299/m£239/m
£50,000,000 - £249,999,999£399/m£319/m

What's included with ethy membership?


Amplify and safeguard brand reputation with third party validation and showcase contribution towards the United Nations Global Goals.


Supercharge sales and stakeholder engagement through impactful communications tools.


Increase reach and brand awareness through ethy's top-rated sustainable shopping platform.

Training & Resources

Accelerate your sustainability strategy and engage employees in your brand's journey through expert training and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensure brand credibility through consumer-oriented sustainability accreditation and showcase contribution towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ethy gives you the tools to accelerate your sustainability strategy, supercharge sales and engage stakeholders with impactful communications.

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